Increase average nurse retention by over three years

Manage nurse turnover and compliance. Identify and evaluate projects to help align initiatives such as nursing, quality & hospital operations.

Given that a number of variables that impact quality of care in a healthcare setting, organizations must be able to study the impact of individual nurse efficacy, potential, staffing effectiveness in maintaining nurse-to-patient ratios, and any patterns regarding nursing unit turnover and patient safety. Greater visibility into these key areas can lead to transformational changes in patient safety, as well as improve efficiencies in areas such as the OR and ED.

The Value of Talent Management

Integration of HRMS, performance management, hiring and positions, progressive discipline and compliance provides for a comprehensive analytical foundation for talent management.
Ability to integrate this analytical foundation with clinical quality and operational data provides visibility to productivity, efficiency, and utilization effectiveness for better patient experience.

Nurses provide a critical component of quality clinical care. While human capital management (HCM) is used to attract and hire potentially excellent employees, effective talent management holds employees accountable to specific goals and encourages continuous improvement and talent development. One oft-cited study suggests organizations with a low turnover rate have between a 20-28% better adjusted mortality index and a 21-24% better severityadjusted length of stay when compared to healthcare organizations with moderate to high turnover rates (VHA, 2002).


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