COVID-19 Plug & Play Analytics

For Hospitals & Health Systems

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  • A comprehensive overview of COVID-19 testing in your healthcare system

  • In depth COVID-19 case understanding of the patient population

  • Daily census insight to determine resource constraints with trending predictability

  • Additional visualizations around ventilator utilization, PPE utilization, and Impact on Employee Health from COVID-19 can be implemented with configuration

Case Overview

The case overview visualization tracks all COVID-19 positive or suspected positive cases.  

A detailed view on trending case data on a daily basis.

Features include:

  • Trending cases in testing and net new cases each day

  • Trending positive cases and net new positive cases each day

  • Trending case mortalities and net new mortalities each day

  • Breakdown of case testing, positive cases, and mortalities by age/gender

Quick Start Technical Specifications

  • Works with any EMR

  • SQL scripts available for Epic customers to pull required data for Testing, Case Overview & Occupancy

  • Data template available for other EMRs, Vent Utilization & PPE Management

Testing Overview

​The testing overview visualization tracks all COVID-19 hospital system current testing practices.

Features include:

  • Number of COVID-19 test performed by location and date

  • Number of Positive, Negative, or Pending Tests

  • COVID-19 test turnaround times by location and test type

  • Patient tracking for patients that were tested


The occupancy visualization provides trending analysis on bed occupancy each day. 

In particular it looks at unit by unit occupancy and whether or not a unit is designated to care for the COVID-19 patients.

Features include:

  • Percentage of total occupancy by location

  • Number of occupied vs licensed beds by location

  • Number of COVID-19 patients for occupied beds by location

  • Trends by day for current vs max occupancy for predictions for each unit

Ventilator & PPE Utilization

If an organization has access to vent or PPE supply data it can be easily configured to provide visualizations for current utilization.

Features include:

  • Ventilators tracked by COVID and Non-COVID capabilities and ventilator types


Geomaps that displays counties & zip codes for tested patients as well as positive patients.

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