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It’s time to redefine the patient and provider ‘engagement’. Leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to reinvent your patient, member, employee, and provider engagement landscape. With years of expertise in Salesforce, Fusion Consulting is your ideal partner to deliver the potential of Health Cloud to enhance your engagement processes.

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In this digital age, you are serving a well-informed patient group who have a plethora of choices at their fingertips. It is critical to build a strong perception and establish an empathy par excellence in their minds to get them to bestow trust in you. More often than not, it is not the best-in-class infrastructure of the providers that builds this trust but the perception built on the engagement.

Though current EHR systems cater to some of these points, there is a huge opportunity to build this strong trust and confidence. Taking inspiration from non-HLS industry solutions like Amazon or Google, Salesforce Health Cloud adds value to your EHR by empowering both patients and providers. This helps in streamlined engagement by converting insights into action which translate to outcomes.

In addition to our Salesforce expertise, Fusion Consulting is a trusted partner for over 70 healthcare organizations.


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Relevant and timely communication is the pillar of successful patient engagement. Personalize the engagement journey between your care coordinator, service agents and caregivers with Health Cloud. Fusion ensures that your Health Cloud implementation empowers the EHR data to provide the user with 360° patient information, including treatment plans, patient preferences and more. You can now engage with your customers in their preferred channel with the right communication at the right time.

Personalization plays a crucial role in attracting prospects and retaining members with long term relationships. Raise the bar in your member experience game with Health Cloud. Fusion ensures that with Health Cloud, payors have a superior member engagement process. They receive relevant and timely communication regarding authorization requests and claims through their channel and device of choice.

Medical Devices
Managing relationships between providers, payers, and members is a complex process. With Health Cloud, Fusion can help you streamline the process so that your high performing sales team is equipped with the right information to effectively cross-sell and create quotes in a short timeframe.

Unlock the potential of Health Cloud to efficiently manage Clinical Trial Enrollment and streamline the execution of processes to improve patient support. While Fusion ensures that Health Cloud organizes and manages complex activities, you can devote your attention to productive outcomes from your programs.

Salesforce Health Cloud for Home Health
Salesforce Health Cloud for Home Health
Salesforce Health Cloud for Hospitals and Health Systems
Salesforce Health Cloud for Hospitals and Health Systems
Salesforce Health Cloud for Payors
Salesforce Health Cloud for Payors

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