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Revenue Recovery

A comprehensive view of scheduling practices.  Identifies opportunities to improve revenue streams and increase patient engagement.

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Fusion and Engagys have created an end to end solution combining the powers of Tableau, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Health Cloud. Using your existing EHR data, we can provide much needed insight into cancelled or postponed appointments and procedures due to the  COVID-19 pandemic. We are providing an end to end solution with analytics and patient engagement.

Outpatient Revenue Recovery Features:

  • Volumes for Canceled/No Shows/Bumps for In Office and Telehealth Visits

  • Prioritized patient cohort of non rescheduled patients based on acuity, value, risk, and patient sentiment

  • Marketing journeys for practice updates and missed appointment follow-ups.

  • Ability to schedule appointments, place patient on a care plan, and communicate through different modalities.

Hospital Employees

Outpatient Revenue Recovery Benefits

  • Recoup lost revenue faster

  • Focused efforts on higher risk and high probability profile patients

  • Decrease cost and save time for your practice

Comprehensive Scheduling Dashboard, Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud Patient Engagement


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