Clinicians will be able to study causes and most frequent reasons for readmissions as well as analyze readmissions by service, treatment, DRG and diagnosis. CMS exclusions and non-CMS custom exclusions can be applied. This solution works across all service lines and the health system for consolidated analytics. Also includes Statistical data for outpatient surgery.

Readmissions Reduction Benefits

Readmission reasons and impact
Statistical data for readmissions for outpatient surgery

  • “Why” readmission and what are the common reasons for readmission

  • Readmission reason and Length of Stay impact

  • Statistical data for outpatient surgery

  • Study causes and most frequent reasons for readmissions

  • Analyze readmissions by service and treatment and DRG and diagnosis

  • Drill down into details

  • 7-30-90 days readmission evaluation

  • CMS exclusions applied

  • Non-CMS custom exclusions also applied

  • Across all service lines and the Health System for consolidated analytics

  • Align Clinical Programs and Focus to Health Systems for improvement