An analytic clinical program that will provide the necessary data elements clinically recommended to identify and treat severe sepsis and septic shock.


Fusion participated with a charter hospital in the "Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes” effort with the Children’s Hospital Association. The program tracks the times at which medical interventions are performed. This data will help to identify potential barriers and trends in treatment plans once Sepsis protocol begins. The improvement of Sepsis protocol workflows impacts notable hospital KPI’s such as length of stay, readmissions, and mortality rates.

Pediatric Sepsis Benefits
  • Applicable for all participants in Improving Pediatric Sepsis Outcomes (IPSO) Collaborative

  • Implemented for and automated for a Collaborative Member based on guidelines

  • Data specifications were iteratively worked with CHA through prior implementation

  • Complex implementation shortened based on prior experience with CHA Sepsis Collaborative member’s specifications

This is among the most expensive DRG in most hospitals and the highest opportunity to reduce mortality, improve length of stay, reduce readmission (resulting in cost reductions) and improve core measures as well as protocols.