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Ambulatory Scheduling

Manage access center and provide financial impact due to provider utilization. 1st & 3rd available reporting for compliance reporting, if needed. Pre-authorization works to ensure better revenue cycle management.

  • Capability to manage access center and provide financial impact due to provider utilization

  • 1st and 3rd available reporting for compliance reporting, if needed

  • Pre-authorization to ensure better Revenue Cycle Management


Our cost solution addresses how clinical programs impact your cost structure. Get integration of cost data (Clinical, Operational & Productivity data). See the impact of clinical programs on cost structure and contracting visibility.

Get the single version of the truth. Direct, indirect, fixed and variable costs:

  • ICU Cost

  • Medication Cost

  • Lab Cost

  • Cardiac Cost

  • Supply Cost

  • Imaging Cost

Provider Utilization

Manage provider schedules efficiently and effectively with our Provider Utilization solution. Ensure schedule compliance. Metrics include availability, utilization, bookings and drop outs.

  • Capability to manage access center and provide financial impact due to provider utilization

Hospital Capacity

Improve operational efficiency and maximize utilization throughout the hospital to ensure optimal patient flow. Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care while reducing costs with our Patient Flow solution.

  • Insight into bottle necks with the admission, transfer, and discharging practices in your hospital.

  • Reducing time to get to ICU or OR also results in better clinical efficacy

  • Including the ability to validate OR and PACU

  • Reduction in patient boarder times

  • Insight into staffing decisions

  • Discharge Delay reason

  • Reduction in discharge order to actual patient discharge

  • ED to Go Home Movement

Talent Management

Improve the patient experience by improving visibility into productivity, efficiency, and utilization effectiveness. The implementation of this nurse retention program has been proven to increase average nursing retention by over three years.

  • Integration of HRMS, performance management, hiring and positions, progressive discipline and compliance provides for a comprehensive analytical foundation for talent management

  • Ability to integrate this analytical foundation with clinical quality and operational data provides visibility to productivity, efficiency, and utilization effectiveness for better patient experience.

Imaging Utilization

Imaging services can sometimes be unnecessary. Many times there is clinical pressure to order an imaging study instead of a face-to-face physical exam. Our solution will help to identify bottlenecks in workflow to reduce waste of ancillary imaging resources.

  • Manage technicians schedules efficiently and effectively

  • Manage MRI/CT/Imaging schedules efficiently and effectively

  • Track and trend utilization of imaging studies to identify opportunities for alternatives

  • Optimize technician workflow with a series of time based operations metrics

  • Identify cost associated with over/under utilized imaging resources

Emergency Department Efficiency

Our solution is built to provide the analytics necessary to identify inefficiencies within ED workflows. In the Emergency Department, seconds can save lives, so speed and efficiency are paramount.

  • Have the tools necessary to drive improvement on patient throughput and turnaround times

  • Analytics which may be used to help improve patient movement

  • Analytics which be applied to help reduce boarder times

  • Identification of potential bottlenecks in various processes within the ED

  • Acuity based analytics to address Urgent Care patient cohort efficiency

Operating Room Efficiency

This solution includes the clinical cancellation reasons and PACU boarder time reason analysis. Service and surgeon block utilization are available to improve efficiency of the Operating Room. Other features include room utilization management and best schedules compliance.

  • All capable OR utilization software features with full control over your data and efficient change management

  • Clinical Cancellation Reasons

  • PACU Boarder Time reason analysis