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Improve Patient & Health System Outcomes with Analytics

Fusion provides services to help healthcare customers unlock data, from their EHRs and other data sources, to provide a vendor agnostic approach to achieving clinical outcomes. As part of this approach, Fusion provides a measurable ROI to help evaluate key areas for improvement and a framework to align clinical quality, efficiency, utilization, productivity and financial objectives.

Fusion’s peer reviewed case studies have produced documented outcomes that have resulted in cost savings and increased quality of care. Our proven process and expertise provides our customers with quicker time to market without impacting their current technology infrastructure. Fusion’s work has resulted in driving institutions to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 accreditation.

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Who have spent over 10 years delivering performance improvement solutions in Healthcare. Want to learn more about our clinical expertise?

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24 solutions categorized across 3 different areas of healthcare.

Quality & Safety

 Measure and improve performance against a defined care pathway. We offer solutions such as:

Appropriate Utilization

Best practices based ordering and administration of labs, imaging, medications & other high-cost/high-risk resources. We offer solutions such as:

Operational Excellence

Improve and streamline clinical operations. We offer solutions such as:


Manage your Medical Loss Ratios (MLR) better for commercial and medicare plans.

To address major business drivers, Payors must implement extensive analytics capabilities rapidly to attain reporting, compliance and profitability targets. However, this also requires integrating a wide range of data types and sources to create meaningful analytics reporting.
Drive more efficient care delivery, claim processing, and risk adjustments with Fusion Health Advantage Analytics. Our Payor analytics solution empowers operational and financial insights. Understanding of EHR/EMR data with claims and adjudication systems provides Fusions model a unique advantage. Our model addresses the metric requirements for the following areas and their departments.
  • Rating / Underwriting
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Services
  • Actuarial
  • Provider Management
  • Operations
  • Enrollment / Membership
  • Medical Management
  • Information Systems
  • Claims & Encounters
  • Finance & Accounting
Reduce your risk by leveraging our experience solving Payor analytics challenges.

Fusion Consulting is a trusted partner for over 70 healthcare organizations.

We work a little differently than other consulting companies. We use your existing EHR and analytics platforms. No new technology required. Our clinicians tailor efficient workflows based on national guidelines, adapted for your organization. Proven return on investment. Improve care and lower costs today!


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