Harsha Tammineni



As the Analytics and Data Science consultant in delivery team, Harsha is responsible for delivering key analytics and data science projects for multiple clients in different domains. He is great at handling projects that involves a large amounts of data, which he is passionate of.  He comes with an overall experience of 2.5 years and has interned with Fusion Consulting as Analytics Consultant at the beginning of 2021. He is also responsible for key CRM and analytics implementations across the organization using Data Science, Analytics and CRM tools for its flagship Enabled Analytics product. Harsha holds a Masters (M.S.) in Business Analytics with  honors from University of Texas, Dallas and a Bachelors in Technology from K L University, Vijayawada, India. Harsha worked with iBHubs and founded Housedekho while pursuing his education. He is certified at HubSpot, Salesforce, Business Analyst and many more like Tableau, Azure on his way. He is a quick learner and can change gears accordingly. He has a knack for entrepreneurship and loves working at startups that enhances his problem-solving abilities. He is a strong believer of growth mindset.