Effective time management of hospitals and systems is a challenge for many departments. Emergency Departments in particular have been known for long wait times which can create a wide range of problems. Delays in patient triage, patient waiting times to see the doctor and prolonged discharge times are all issues common in most Emergency Departments.


Our solution is built to provide the analytics necessary to identify inefficiencies within ED workflows. These tools provide ED leadership and clinicians with the tools they need to help make the changes necessary to improve turnaround times and improve quality of care. In the Emergency Department, seconds can save lives, so speed and efficiency are paramount. Good data & analytics can make all the difference...

Quickly & Easily Get The Data You Need...

Time & throughput metrics

Patient movement

Impact of Consults & Imaging turnaround times on LOS

Metrics designed to help improve ED LOS & identification of bottlenecks

Insight on boarder times & urgent care patient cohorts