Emergency Department Greaseboard

Analytics Dashboard built on ED Metrics with Predictive Analytics Capabilities

Variables used to train the Predictive Engine. The simplest variables range from Arrival Date/Time (Date), Relationship to Holiday, Hour of the Day, and Day of the Week. Upon request, features such as acuity, service, diagnosis, psych status, temperature, consulting services, image orders, observation, labs, etc. This allows for wider range of prediction, more accurately and earlier.


Our Emergency Department Greaseboard Predicts:

  • ED Arrivals

  • Occupancy

  • Length of Stay

  • Boarder Time

  • Wait Time

  • Hospital LOS

  • Hospital Occupancy (Beds)

Emergency Department Metrics

  • Large ED Dashboard/Data Model plus

  • Additional ED Metrics includes

    • Volumes

    • Hospital and Unit Occupancy

    • Throughput

    • Hospital LOS

    • Clinical

    • Psych Holes

  • Additional Predictive Analytics

    • Occupancy

    • Length of Stay

  • What-If Scenarios related to beds and volumes

  • Additional Predictive Analytics

    • Unit Occupancy, Hospital LOS

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