Emergency Department Greaseboard.png

Emergency Department Greaseboard

Analytics dashboard built on ED metrics with predictive analytics capabilities

  • Do you predict your Census and Volume accurately to efficiently manage staffing?

  • Do you measure the variance between Decision to Admit and Admit order?

  • Do ordering physicians have information on bed availability across service lines?

  • Are boarding times increasing your ED length of stay?

  • Are you able to address revenue challenges posed by transfers?

Traditional analytics are not able to effectively calculate and identify appropriate opportunities. Especially holdups in patient movement. Addressing any holdup could have a “ripple” effect across the system. As the Emergency Department is one of the most important gateways into a Healthcare System, addressing the service line is foundational for Capacity Planning and Management. 


Our Emergency Department Greaseboard Predicts:

  • ED Arrivals

  • Occupancy

  • Length of Stay

  • Boarder Time

  • Wait Time

  • Hospital LOS

  • Hospital Occupancy (Beds)

Emergency Department Metrics

  • Large ED Dashboard/Data Model plus

  • Additional ED Metrics includes

    • Volumes

    • Hospital and Unit Occupancy

    • Throughput

    • Hospital LOS

    • Clinical

    • Psych Holes

  • Additional Predictive Analytics

    • Occupancy

    • Length of Stay

  • What-If Scenarios related to beds and volumes

  • Additional Predictive Analytics

    • Unit Occupancy, Hospital LOS


Enabled Analytics



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