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Salesforce and Tableau can significantly accelerate your Digital Sales and Marketing Transformation.

More revenue, shorter sales cycles and accurate sales closing projections:

Our Enabled Analytics™ solution works with your existing technology to provide you the visibility to achieve this and more.


  • Provide you greater access to your data, using technology that you already own, on customized dashboards including Tableau CRM
  • Gain greater visibility into sales opportunities and behaviors
  • Make better resource decisions and invest wisely in your Digital Marketing and Sales activities
  • Ensure your sales representatives are engaging in the right activities at the right time in order to get the best results

What Enabled Analytics does for your business


Website & SEO

Social media

Multiple nurture journeys

Sales & marketing automation

Call scripts & outbound calling

Advanced predictive analytics

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence

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“Many companies are not aware of the power of analytics and the impact on sales performance. This is an industry-wide issue that is being addressed through these technologies.”

> Karthik Vishwa, CEO, Fusion Consulting, Inc.