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We don’t just implement... We stay with you every step of the way, continuously

expanding your digital footprint and enhancing your capabilities.

Digital engagements are expensive and getting it right can take too much time.


That’s why we learned the hard way for you. Let our teams combined 100+ years of CRM and Analytics experience get there quickly at a fraction of the cost.


We will guide you throughout this journey. Our success only happens if you’re successful.

But let's back up a bit... HOW and WHY did we come up with Enabled Analytics?

Enabled Analytics was born out of necessity. Last year changed us all. Fusion had to change too. Change is never easy nor cheap. Enabled Analytics manages mission critical business operations. You can’t fix what you can’t measure.  Leave the measuring to EA. Fix your offerings. Fix your campaigns. Understand the value of knowing how.


End to end digital transformation of your company affecting what really matters…. Your customers.

If you want to go digital and reduce the time and risk to get there, fill out the form below to set a meeting to see our demo.

Not ready to talk to somebody yet?  No problem! But you will want to find out more about what EA is all about, watch the video below:


What is your most relevant sales challenge right now?


I need to assess the market fit for my offering
I have too much sales pipe anxiety at this time
Too many poorly qualified leads from sales
I need more revenue from less salespeople
I have a different sales challenge

Our blue print brings the following solutions as part of the holistic offering 


  • Outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Website
  • Social media

Sales & Service 

  • Sales process & enablement
  • Customer support
  • Knowledge Management

 Project Management 

  • Projects apps
  • Resource management
  • Time & expense
  • Invoicing and integration to financial S/W

 Data Warehouse 

  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • AI
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Within 4 to 8 weeks, your first digital solution will be launched

During those first initial weeks, we will collect information around your organization and it's offering(s) so we can start building out your own personalized digital solution.


After your solution is launched, we start rolling out new monthly upgrades.


YOU decide when we stop.

What Enabled Analytics does for you and your business...

Launch campaigns, add website content/blogs, manage social media publishing and monitoring, update website, manage SEO, create call scripts … we do all this to help ensure the top of the Sales and Marketing Funnel is always full of leads

We define multiple nurture Journeys using Marketing Automation tool to help website visitors get more information about your offerings

If selected, our SDR team can take on outbound calling on your behalf as well

We monitor and help you streamline the service processes by attacking the top 20% areas where 80% of cases are being created. We help you create quality knowledge articles that can help your service team tackle similar issues in a faster manner in future. If it can be automated, we do that as well.

All will be included in our Project Management app. With clarity on resource availability, goals, we are able to execute flawlessly and also get the entire team aligned to the common goal

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Why not do this ourselves?

  • Challenges with clear vision how it all comes together.
  • You need documented processes and functional tools to support the same.
  • Time, cost needed for implementing tech stack along with loss related to learning related rework.
  • Cost of ongoing innovation and production support.
  • Org wide alignment on process and cadence

Why choose Enabled Analytics?

  • Our belief: You can fix what you can measure
  • Defined end-end processes with blueprint to get you started
  • Time to market: allows your firm to Focus on what you do best. 
  • Ongoing enhancements with Full production support included ** Retainer package only
  • Ongoing enablement for team members with clear cadence defined. Set you team for success