Jake Leinen

Article by Jake Leinen, Director of Marketing

If 2020 has shown the world one thing, it is the power of the digital ecosystem. Many companies who were already in the digital space managed to switch tack quickly to capitalize on the opportunities that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the market. Unfortunately, for many companies, they were too slow and too late.

You cannot downplay the importance of implementing a digital transformation strategy in your company. The usual networking opportunities where many companies met potential customers and did deals are a thing of the past. Networking events, trade shows, and conferences are a thing of the past and unlikely to be resurrected in the same form in the future.

If the thought of a digital transformation for your business is making you nervous, keep reading. Depending on your business offering, implementing it can be time-consuming and costly. If it is not a core competency of your business, employing consultants or an in-house resource can make it expensive and take too long.

Using analytics to understand your business and customer is the first step to understanding what you need to take your business from a 10m company to a 100m company in a few short years. Data is akin to gold. It is essential to understand the playing field before making decisions that may send you down an incorrect path.

Enabled Analytics has the capabilities to help companies to assess their current situation using the data. Their business intelligence capabilities already exist, reducing the cost of setting up your systems. Using the existing technology, CRM capabilities, and process efficiencies that have already proven to work can reduce the time it will take your company to finish your digital transformation and efficiently get to market.

Building a robust digital presence via a company website, analyzing the analytics, and outsourcing the digital marketing to drive lead generation, Enabled Analytics will use the business intelligence data to optimize the path to market and control the business's accountability.

There are many benefits for your business that can be effective in implementing the digital transformation strategy. Allowing the experts in their field to manage the process from start to finish is the start. Based on the systems that are already in play, there is an immediate cost of sales. By not investing in costly R & D programs, you can get to market much faster than expected.

The Enabled Analytics solution & team has the capabilities to move a business into the digital space in less than four weeks. The process and software is a tried and tested process. Clients get monthly updates to the system every month and three significant upgrades a year. This mature process is the key to getting to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

Target Market

Based on the available insights into the target audience based on their user habits online, targeting is far more cost-effective and efficient in the digital space. Tracking, reporting, and analytics are crucial to optimizing the campaigns each month. Digital marketing reduces the wastage that is usually present in more traditional media spaces.

Going Online

With the loss of the in-person channels, the digital ecosystem is the most effective route to reach, market, and manage your sales and client relationships.

They also manage the company website optimizations, upgrades, and digital marketing with lead generation media and social media channels to target the core customer. This automation of the marketing function alleviates the marketing team's burden to take on new responsibilities that they don't understand.

Outsourcing these functions to a business intelligence specialist ensures that the business can move into the digital world with little to no interruptions and continue to grow.