Our solution provides a health network with a broad picture of the management of the Sickle Cell disease population.  Including insights into how well patients are receiving care for acute inpatient admissions for Sickle Cell crisis, Pain Management/Opioid Management, Patient Education, Length of Stay, Readmissions, Mortality, and Utilization of Hospital Services.

There are several metrics that comprise the Sickle Cell Management solution. They are made up of overall, process, and medication metrics utilized to improve patient care.


  • Length of Stay (LOS vs GMLOS)

  • Mortality

  • Readmissions

  • Discharge Dispositions

Process Measures

  • Order Set Utilization

  • Case Management Consult Ordered

  • Discharge Instruction Utilization

  • Completed Follow Up Within 7 Days of Discharge

Medication Measures

  • Total IV Opioids

  • Patient Controlled Analgesics (PCA Utilization

  • Narcan Administrations

  • IV to Oral Opioid Transition Prior to Discharge

Process, Medication, Length of Stay, and Readmission measures help an organization realize if clinical interventions and pathways are helping to improve the overall care of a costly patient population.  Appropriate patient education and pain management are paramount to keeping the Sickle Cell disease population healthy.