Integrated with your EHR, our health analytics helps you quickly optimize appropriate blood utilization. With constant pressure on healthcare professionals to improve quality and reduce costs, scarce and expensive resources such as blood represent an opportunity for hospitals to significantly accrue financial savings while lowering patient risk in critical care, surgery, and emergency.


Fusion's Blood Utilization solution unlocks your organization’s blood products ordering and administration by using your current EHR platform. Our solution is proven to reduce cost, lower risk of hospital acquired infections, reduce readmissions and length of stay.

Blood Utilization Benefits
  • Assess patient labs, vital signs, and clinical documentation

  • Evaluate current workflow process and improvement opportunities

  • Examine historical blood product usage from orders, bar code scans and results

  • Estimate cost savings

  • Identify clinical appropriateness and opportunities for performance improvement

  • Targeted and actionable analytics

  • Adopt improvement program & measure progress