Capacity Management

 Track and manage patient flow and length of stay by unit, hospital & system 

Improve operational efficiency and maximize utilization throughout the hospital to ensure optimal patient flow and capacity. Increase patient satisfaction and quality of care while reducing costs. 

  • How long is it taking for patients to get in?

  • Are you keeping patients in an ICU bed who do not require ICU?

  • Where patients are coming from (i.e. department, external transport, procedure, etc.)?

  • Which patients or procedures have a longer LOS and of those, which should be prioritized or put aside?

  • How long are discharges taking from order to patient leaving?

Daily and total volume, % delayed and length of stay:  

Service      〡      Patient      〡      Class      〡      Hour      〡      Portal      〡     Day

Capa Manage.png

Capacity Management Metrics

  • Movement Efficiency

  • Boarder Time Reduction

  • Medical Equipment Issue

  • Staffing

  • Consults

  • Length of Stay

  • Transport

  • Discharge Options

  • Allocation and Prediction

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