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POKE-R (Prevent Pain and Organisms from Skin and Catheter Entry and Radiology)

Every time a line, drain, tube or airway (LDA) is placed in a patient, blood is drawn, medication is administered, there is increased risk for hospital acquired infections, pain, and opportunity for blood loss. These are all considered POKE-R events and they can greatly reduce clinical outcomes and impact patient experience.

  • Identify clinical events that are POKE-R events. Supports ability to analyze and reduce number of POKE-R invasions performed.

  • View POKE-R events in front end reports and patient's charts. Improve Patient Outcomes, Satisfaction, and Clinical Costs.


Reduce adverse clinical outcomes associated with Vancomycin toxicity such as acute renal failure. Improve times to pharmacist with Vancomycin dosing management.

  • Integrated with EHR provides real time patient quality management

  • Lab results validation

  • During inpatient encounter, Vanco Pharmacy calculator helps before discharge

  • Various lab results validation across patients for analytics helps manage dosage and troughs better

Sickle Cell Disease

The Sickle Cell Management solution gives insight to a difficult medical condition to manage. It provides a health network with a broad picture of the management of the Sickle Cell disease population.

  • Process, Medication, Length of Stay, and Readmission measures help an organization realize if clinical interventions and pathways are helping to improve the overall care of a costly patient population. Appropriate patient education and pain management are paramount to keeping the Sickle Cell disease population healthy.

Lines, Drains & Airways

Management of central lines and foley catheters are important for patient safety. Informatics on how they are managed, trending, volume and utilization by location as well as DRG are critical components to providing better quality.

  • Analytics on central lines and urinary catheters in the hospital across all service lines

  • Provides clinicians and healthcare leadership with analytical tools and reports to substantiate or change processes and workflows

  • Customized visualizations designed to provide an efficient overview of the clinical data

Blood Utilization

Fusion's Blood Utilization solution unlocks your organization’s blood products ordering and administration by using your current EHR platform. Our solution is proven to reduce cost, lower risk of hospital acquired infections, reduce readmissions and length of stay.

  • Ensuring order appropriateness and not just limiting it to EHR features

  • Reduce blood units administered without medical necessity

  • Reduction in blood units administered annually

  • Cost savings

Imaging Utilization

Imaging services can sometimes be unnecessary. Many times there is clinical pressure to order an imaging study instead of a face-to-face physical exam. Our solution will help to identify bottlenecks in workflow to reduce waste of ancillary imaging resources.

  • Manage technicians schedules efficiently and effectively

  • Manage MRI/CT/Imaging schedules efficiently and effectively

  • Track and trend utilization of imaging studies to identify opportunities for alternatives

  • Optimize technician workflow with a series of time based operations metrics

  • Identify cost associated with over/under utilized imaging resources


This solution utilizes a series of metrics to monitor all aspects of mechanical ventilation in critical care settings. Ventilation Management metrics help critical care leadership create protocols for the efficient use of Ventilators by managing hours on mechanical vents, planned vs inadvertent extubations, and re-intubations.

  • Insight into mechanical ventilation days.

  • Improvement in extubation practices.

  • Reduced mechanical ventilation days.

  • Improved clinical quality practices and protocols.

  • Managing re-intubation cases.

Critical Care

Patients in the ICU are often the most vulnerable and subject to sudden change. Changes in their conditions are difficult to predict, especially if data is not being utilized. Our solution utilizes several reports giving insight into patient's condition and the steps taken to manage their health.

  • Retrospective analysis of core ICU metrics

  • Provides Critical Care clinicians and healthcare leadership with analytical tools and reports to substantiate or change processes and workflows

  • Customized visualizations designed to provide an efficient over view of the clinical data