Analyze. Deliberate.

Analyze your data and transform it into actionable insights.

Analytics Miles Ahead of Traditional Business Intelligence

Go beyond your traditional business intelligence, uncover deeper insights, make predictions, generate recommendations using advanced techniques to evaluate data and content. Fusion Consulting can help you leverage advanced analytic techniques like data/text cleansing, machine learning, pattern matching, forecasting, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, network and cluster analysis, multivariate statistics, graph analysis, simulation, complex event processing and neural networks to make smarter business decisions.


The 3 Vs


The 3 Vs of data can be overwhelming. Fusion Consulting can help you gain value out of your organization’s data. Our expertise lies in using advanced analytic techniques to uncover actionable insights that will help you make outcome driven business decisions. Our team is equipped to work with our clients’ preferred tools and platforms to achieve best results.



Stages in Analytics Maturity Model

Descriptive Analytics


In this first stage of analytics, you can use the data to understand what has happened in the organization. You can understand the performance of your company in the past and can keep an eye on the Key Performance Indicators.

Diagnostic Analytics


In the second stage of analytics, the focus is on diagnosing the events and issues that exist in the data. Identifying trends or patterns in the data will provide insight into why things happen and will make room for the company to improvise and optimize processes.

Predictive Analytics


As you are progressing through the analytics ladder, predictive analytics involves predicting what is going to happen based on historical data. You can create forecasts and projections, identify risks using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Prescriptive Analytics


Prescriptive analytics is the most important part of the analytics model. The focus here is on outcomes i.e. how to achieve a certain outcome. This stage of analytics is about prescribing actionable strategies and business decisions based on all the data and insights.
Fusion’s expertise lies in complex problem solving and business transformation with our predictive and prescriptive solutions that allow organizations to draw value from their own data assets. We can accelerate your business growth by predicting and prescribing the best course of action using our AI-driven models and suggest optimization options based on the huge amounts of historical data, real-time data feeds, and information about the outcomes of decisions made in the past.
Business Intelligence Roadmap
Business Intelligence Roadmap

Fusion has worked with various organizations to develop an overall business intelligence strategy – beginning with the Business Intelligence Roadmap.

Reporting & Dashboard
Reporting & Dashboard

Fusion’s domain expertise is focused on delivering customized reporting and analytics to address your unique challenges. Through our intuitive dashboards, we empower your entire organization to share information and make it available enterprise wide – not just for selected processes, applications, or people.

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