Venkat Subramanian

Article by Venkat Subramanian, President & Chief Operating Officer

Do you know how many contacts with a prospect it takes to close a deal? 8-15 approximately. Not only that, communication requires ongoing relationship management by allocating proper time to each customer so that they are delighted.

The communication mediums can be calls, physical or online meetings, emails, and messages. Since you’re spending a big chunk of your time getting inputs and delivering outputs through these mediums, the challenge gets bigger and bigger when the customers' list increases. Managing customers’ data, following them up, and writing customized notes may become a mess.

Microsoft Excel was released on September 30, 1985 - Since then, most enterprise businesses rely on that tool for their sales process.

Keeping track of account data and recording every piece of information about prospects is an overwhelming task itself - Doing all it manually kills time and makes the sales process too slow. And that is in no way beneficial to any business scale. Data entry is holding your business back to grow even bigger and successful - Digital Sales Automation is the solution for it.

What does ‘Digital Sales Automation’ mean?

Digital Sales Automation is the process of automating simple daily tasks related to sales and marketing that consume the sales team's time. By sales automation, sales tasks get streamlined so that your sales team can focus on doing the actual business.

These tasks can be related to data entry, administration, reporting, and communication. The sales team is in charge of doing it regularly.
Sales automation is the way of using technology in your business in the most beneficial way. It helps improve sales results while automating time-consuming tasks. Most companies talk about money and ignore the importance of time - In actuality, both time and money are indispensable for business prosperity.


Today, thousands of companies trust Fusion for their sales automation solutions. Below, you’ll be taught precisely how Enabled Analytics sales automation works for the businesses and why it’s beneficial for you as a sales team member or a company owner.

How Fusion fits in sales automation?

At Fusion, we make sure that businesses are performing more than just doing data entry stuff. We want companies to focus on optimizing their sales process by automation that is seamless and fits in your business plan.

It’s the era of digital sales automation, and we will show how it can significantly boost your sales potential by growing the bottom line up. By saving crucial business hours with the help of our Enabled Analytics, you’ll have more opportunities to look at the sales weaknesses and improve them.

Hundreds of businesses are familiar with Fusion’s working way and use our tool to lead their sales process. Each company has its own needs, and each of them relies on different sales techniques to keep their system moving, from writing with a pen to filling long spreadsheets.

Many businesses prefer using manual resources rather than automation. Unfortunately, there is bad news for them; they are the ones that will lag behind their competition in the future. Large enterprises spend hundreds or even thousands of employee hours on manual data entry procedures, which holds them back to take their organization on top. Enabled Analytics is precisely what they need to get going.

5 critical areas for digital sales automation

Digital sales automation helps businesses in 5 key areas, and this is where the companies should drop the manual approach towards their work. They are critical to any business success, and if you’re working on business transformation from manual to automatic, you need to look at those five areas seriously.


Client Prospecting

Start working on communication with clients based on the tool's automated research. Communicate with the prospects according to their needs.


Marketing Automation

Make your market outreach completely automated to build happy relationships with clients and save working hours.


Pipeline Management

Stop doing manual data entry. Automate pipeline management and accessing all essential process information through a comprehensive dashboard.


Lead Tracking

Track lead’s behavior by following up on their engagement and set-up follow-ups based on the response. Make a decent sales pitch and outreach prospects on time.


Order Handling

There has to be an automated funnel through which fulfillment teams can access, manage & approve sales orders without contacting salespeople for every order placed.

1. Client Prospecting

In the whole sales process, the most crucial step is the first message to start a conversation with a prospect. To get started with your first message, consider a few things like mentioning the customer's problem, stating the loss, and communicate the overview of the solution strategy your company is offering. Keeping data analytics with yourself to accompany your claims is always handy.

Example: A prospect has forgotten to claim their listings, and their online business address is also incorrect. By looking at the snapshot report, a salesperson highlights this fact to the prospect and offers a listing solution by the company to quickly solve their problem.

By recognizing and picking out prospects and offering them relevant solutions to their problems increases client retention by 30%.

The ultimate solution to automated needs assessment comes with Enabled Analytics. With our snapshot reports, you have one of the best conversation starters in the world for SMBs. You can scrape the web to extract data and information about your prospects and can quickly evaluate the prospect’s data for given information with our nice and intelligent automated sales tool.
Most prospects will be interested in looking at those snapshot reports. The sales team can pitch them the solutions regarding how they can improve their online presence. Fusion’s automated Snapshot Reports allow your business to get reports for all of your prospects and email them - All of this process can easily be done through the Enabled Analytics platform with fascinating presentations.

Fusion's Award-Winning Snapshot Reports Help You Dig Deep in Web and Access Digital Marketing Problems of Prospects so that You Can Solve Them with Your Solutions.

2. Marketing Automation

Since sales and marketing teams work closely together, digital sales automation includes a significant marketing automation part. The automation must be aligned to make the marketing processes smooth and seamless.

With Enabled Analytics marketing automation system, you have an incredible chance of winning prospects in your industry by the email marketing campaigns run through our systems. Connect with your prospects in the right tone and track their behavior, activity, and engagements with your emails to assess your marketing campaign's effectiveness.

There are a variety of pre-designed email campaigns available that you can access for automating marketing campaigns. There is also an option to create or customize your own. The tracking options of delivery and receptivity keep you updated on the response to understand each campaign’s success and failure better. So that next time you come up with a better content plan and strategy.

With Enabled Analytics, You Can Automate Your Lead Generation Process With Easy-to-Use Software and Template Based Email Marketing Campaigns

3. Pipeline Management

WARNING: Enabled Analytics’s pipeline management is the end-game for excel spreadsheets - No more wastage of time, only the best work output for the business through efficient pipeline management.

Too many spreadsheets can be overwhelming and hard to work with when you’re managing a relatively more significant business. Data entry work may hold back your progress.

Enabled Analytics’s pipeline management will take manual work from you and will automate almost every aspect of the sales process to install endurance to the system. Spreadsheets lack tracking of the sales team progress and its comprehensive analysis, which is a unique feature of Enabled Analytics.

Enabled Analytics Is the Enemy of Spreadsheets and Have Converted Complex Processes into the Simplest.

4. Lead Tracking

Customer acquisition cost is always too expensive when done manually. It’s usually because of old-fashioned approaches still used by companies to get leads. When businesses are relying on old sales pipelines, it’s hard to manage costs. Examining every single lead closely and judging if it fits the sales criteria can be too difficult and expensive simultaneously.

Without logging in, a sales representative can’t figure out the customer’s behavior if the tools aren’t integrated into one. So he has to look at various tools at the same time to track the potential client outreach process. Integrated software makes it easy for you to analyze prospects. Real-time data analytics are the key to keep an eye on closing potential sales. Tracking leads is a headache without integrated systems.

Within the first five minutes of activity, a lead should be contacted through any medium. If the contact is made five minutes late, we see an 80% chance decrease for qualifying the lead. (Enabled Analytics Data 2018)

With Enabled Analytics, you can automate prospecting and have real-time alerts for customer activity. The salesperson can serve clients better and lowers the customer acquisition cost collectively as the deals are closing at a relatively faster pace.
With this system, you’ll soon find which prospects are suitable for your business and which are not. Not every prospect qualifies for the conversions, and eventually, it increases the cost of customer acquisition.

Sales teams have a bigger purpose than knocking on doors and collecting leads manually. There is a lot you can extract from the sales department with Enabled Analytics’s lead tracking tool. It creates reports for the prospects’ engagement level to make sure that your content is producing results. If the prospect is engaging more, then the chances are that he or she will most likely convert.

Keep track of your potential customers with our Sales Automation tool by easily monitoring real-time data of their activities and engagements

Since our platform is paired with artificial intelligence (AI), or in other words, "intent mining, it has the ability to uncover the prospect’s intention behind his actions and interactions with the system.

Your sales team will get information by the system if the prospect is ready to purchase or sign the deal. Enabled Analytics’s “hotness” rating is an indicator of that.

Enabled Analytics Will Keep an Eye on Prospects Activity and Will Tell if The Client is Ready to Purchase.

5. Order Handling

Order handling is also called ‘Order Management’ and is simple: fulfilling, tracking, and managing the existing orders.

This process may involve collaborations with many departments such as finance, administration, sales, delivering teams to complete the order. There isn’t a single stakeholder for the order, so the company must track every step involved in the order handling. And it gets more demanding and more challenging once the business starts getting an adequate number of orders.

Managing them manually can be a disaster for the business as the tasks keep getting piled up, stressing the teams always. Despite the tireless efforts of the employees, the company can’t process all of these orders manually.

Order management should be automated as much as possible.

Enabled Analytics’s order management solution is another integrated part of a digital sales automation tool that provides all in one order handling CRM for the businesses. It offers robust analytics, integration with prospecting tools, and marketing automation. The platform maintains smooth communication between the teams to fulfill the order processing without interruption.

Enabled Analytics Mobilize Communication For Fast Order Processing

Why is sales automation important today?

Digital sales automation isn’t something you can ignore for long - It’s the need of time and your business. There is a lot more you can achieve with automating business tasks. Here are some insights:

  • Sales representatives aren't working on getting more ‘Sales.’ Around 20% of sales reps admit that their 2 hours are spent doing manual data entry daily. (State of Inbound 2018 - Sales Research)
  • Chance of Human error. Human work isn’t errorless, and sometimes, these unintentional errors cost way more than the whole marketing automation systems. It isn’t sane to rely on humans every time due to various reasons such as miscommunication, writing errors, listening errors, calculation errors, etc.
  • Managers aren’t managing. Managers are meant to manage tasks rather than doing themselves. But in contradiction, 9/10 managers work on administrative processes that aren’t even included in their job description. The tasks can be filling out forms, signing the documents, getting status updates, and checking spreadsheets. (Engage Customer - SurveyNow Data)
  • Productivity is inversely proportional to spreadsheets. According to SurveyNow, 50% of people agree that email and spreadsheet reduce their productivity for the companies. (Engage Customer - SurveyNow Data)
  • Seize the day. Get an edge over your competitors by automating customer acquisition, lead generation, order management, and prospect tracking today so that your business has immense chances of growing in the future.

With Enabled Analytics, small and medium businesses can transform their sales strategy into a wholly automated and effective one. It allows the sales team to have more time to sell, which is their actual job. In this way, the sales team can yield better results for the company.

All of the tools discussed in this article that you’ll use to automate your business tasks are included in a SINGLE platform. Just one sign-in is required for your new sales and marketing world.

Get going with the smartest technology to make your business grow and shine in the online world. Enabled Analytics is always available at your service to acquire new clients and fill-in the gaps between the prospects and your company.
We are waiting for you to connect with us! You may talk to one of Fusion’s representatives to have a detailed discussion about the platform.